Stuffed Magas Ladoo – Sweet Dip This Festive Season

Stuffed Magas Ladoo – Sweet Dip This Festive Season


Festive season gives us the opportunity to relish on some scrumptious sweets! And for all those who have a sweet tooth, magas ladoos is something you wouldn’t want to miss. So, let’s prepare this delightful, rich and creamy magas ladoos with pistachio filling:


For Filling

  • 5 tbsp. lightly roasted ground pistachio
  • 3 tbsp. khoya (Mawa)
  • 3 tbsp. powder sugar
  • 1 small pinch cardamom powder

Magas Ladoo

  • 250g plain besan (Coarse chickpea flour)
  • 1 tbsp. homemade Ghee
  • 2 tbsp. milk (warm)
  • 1/2 tsp. nutmeg powder
  • for garnishing pistachio slivers, saffron threads or edible gold leaf (optional)


Mixture 1 (for magas ladoo)

  • Take milk and add 1tbsp. of homemade ghee. To this mixture, add 250 gm. gram flour.
  • With a gentle mix, see there are no lumps formed and leave it for half hour.

Mixture 2 (for filling)

  • Meanwhile, it is time to roast Khoya (Mawa). Take a pan and over medium flame, lightly roast khoya for a couple of minutes.
  • Add powdered sugar and a pinch of cardamom powder.
  • You may also want to add finely chopped pistachios to it.
  • Turn off the heat and leave it aside.
  • Sieve mixture1 to get nice crumbly textured flour. Now in a non-stick pan, heat around 150 gm. ghee and add the crumbly textured flour. Keep stirring it until golden and fragrant.

  • You’d love the aroma of this mixture (magas ladoo). Turn off the heat and transfer mixture into a bowl. Semi-cool this mixture and add sugar, nutmeg powder and cardamom powder.
  • Divide the filling into equal parts (depending on how many ladoos you want to make) into tiny sized marble balls.
  • Now take small amounts of the mixture 1 and roll it into a ball.
  • Then, slightly flatten it and put the filling at the center. Carefully, roll mixture 1 (magas ladoo) to make sure that the filling of pistachio is covered properly from all the side.
  • Repeat this procedure with the remaining mixture.
  • Arrange them evenly on a serving tray.
  • Garnish these ladoos by sprinkling pistachio slivers and saffron threads on top of each ladoo.
  • Mouth-watering magas ladoos are ready to be served!

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