Quinoa, Cucumber And Kale Salad

Quinoa, Cucumber And Kale Salad


This salad is an enlivening dish which satisfies hunger and is light for digestion. Digestion gets slow as temperature soars so this salad is very suitable for any meal. Quinoa is light, fluffy rich in nutrients. Cucumber and kale are naturally cooling and quenches thirst and bring relief from sweltering summer heat. Cucumber lowers blood pressure with its diuretic property and kale and lime gently stimulate the liver to release bile and also clean the blood.

 This salad pacifies Pitta and Kapha but aggravates Vatta



  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 cup of quinoa
  • a bunch of kale leaves
  • 1 whole lemon juice
  • 1tsp of lemon zest
  • salt to taste



  • Cook quinoa with salt. Add quinoa in double quantity water, cover it and let it simmer for 20 min until quinoa is light, fluffy and tender. Let it cool down.



  • Chop the kale and steam for around 10 min. Let it cool down.



  • Add diced cucumber and lime juice and lime zest to quinoa. Gently fold kale to the mixture.



Serve chilled or at room temperature


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