Energy Boosting Foods For Navratri

Energy Boosting Foods for Navratri


The festival of Navratri is not just a time for worshipping goddess Durga but also of a range of celebrations and festivities that all of us like to be a part of. From dancing and singing to visiting pandals, it is a time when we are on our feet for long instances and our bodies need a lot of energy to function.

 Coincidentally, it is also a time when several people observe partial or complete fasts continuously for a number of days. Since the body is deprived of its regular diet it is more prone to fatigue and weakness that results from movement. Luckily for us, there are allowances to consume certain varieties of food even during the navratri fast. If one is careful and smart, then the fatigue of abstaining from food can be avoided by making wise food choices.

Following are some food options that provide nutrients and minerals to the body and can be eaten during your Navratri fast.

  • Fruits like oranges and bananas: A rich source of vitamins, fruits also are easy to consume and do not need preparation. Their natural sugar and glucose content helps in providing energy that is long lasting.

  • Honey: Eat a spoonful of honey to instantly battle tiredness and dizziness. It is also the best alternative to sugar and has several beauty and health benefits.

  • Dry fruits: Not only are dry fruits rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, their good fat content also makes them rich in energy. Almonds and walnuts specially help in the cognitive and motor functioning of the brain and are a great substitute for grains.

  • Sabudana: This is an excellent source of carbohydrates that can be consumed along with pulses and tastes great as a khichdi.

  • Vegetables: Rich in iron and fiber, most vegetables are the best source of protein for most vegetarians. Eaten either boiled or fresh, vegetables like beans and broccoli fight off diseases and give the body the necessary nutrition it needs.

  • Yogurt: Full of probiotics and good bacteria, yogurt helps in improving the body’s digestive system and build immunity. It can be added in smoothies or consumed with fresh fruit.

  • Dairy products: Since dairy products are rich in carbs, they provide long sustaining energy and can be consumed in various forms either as plain milk or paneer or buttermilk.

  • Millet: While most traditional grains are disallowed during a navratri fast, certain forms of millet are eaten as chapatis or pooris. Millet ladoos can also be made with dry fruits and dates as a quick snack option for on the go people.


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