Brainy Walnut Ladoo- No Ghee And No Sugar

Brainy Walnut Ladoo- No Ghee and No Sugar


Walnuts or Akhrot are dry fruits which are made of 40-50% of oil and provide nourishment and longevity. Ayurvedically, walnuts are bittersweet in taste with ushna virya and are vata shamak which means it pacifies vata dosha. Due to its nutritional value and good flavor, akhrot is used in many dishes worldwide. It improves overall body strength and immunity and provides nourishment.


Walnut kernels resemble 3D shape of the human brain. They are rich in anti-oxidants and other nutrients essential for intellect growth and improve cognitive and motor function of the brain. Its oil is very beneficial for good skin and hair. They are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, Vitamin E and fat content helps increase healthy cholesterol. Walnuts remove brain plaque, aid in weight loss and decrease hunger. Walnuts are beneficial for type 2 diabetes and also help to fight certain types of cancer.


We normally pop in just one or two walnuts or use it as toppings on desserts etc. despite of the fact that walnuts are very nutritious and beneficial for our health. Walnut ladoos could serve as a nutritious sweet treat or as a healthy snack for kids and adults alike.  




  • 2 cup walnuts or akhrot
  • 2 cups of thin poha or beaten rice or cornflakes
  • 1 1/2 cup of jaggery or palm sugar.
  • 1/2 tsp of cardamom powder




  • Dry roast pohe in heavy bottom pan on medium heat till they turn crispy. (Do not discolour while roasting).




  • Dry roast walnuts and keep it aside to cool.




  • Grate jaggery.
  • Crush pohe into tiny crisps with palms.
  • Grind walnuts into powder along with jaggery or palm sugar in a mixer.





  • Add Pohe or rice crisps, cardamom powder and walnut and sugar/jaggery and knead well.
  • Make small balls or ladoos and serve.



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