Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum)

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Top 8 health benefits of Safed Musli
1. OLIGOSPERMIA: Safed musli is reported to treats oligospermia, i.e. low sperm concentration in the ejaculate. It is reported to enhance levels of serum testosterone.
2. FATIGUE: Safed Musli is reported to alleviate fatigue and boost energy level.
3. JOINT PAINS AND ARTHRITIS: Safed musli has calming properties that diminishes the aggravation at the joints which happen amid the joint pain.
4. LACTATION: Safed Musli is a galactagogue and enhance lactation.
5. ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: Safed Musli is reported to alleviate erectile dysfunction and improve male sexual function.
6. NOURISHMENT: Safed Musli has anabolic nourishing properties. It is very useful to increase weight is under nourish people.
7. DIABETES MELLITUS: Safed Musli has antidiabetic effect. Safed Musli can promptly deal with and treat diabetes of a thin and underweight patient yet not for the stout or overweight patients as per Ayurveda.

Side Effects

No clinically significant side effects are reported with use of Safed musli.



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