Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa)

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Top 10 health benefits of Punarnava
1. Kidney disorders
• Set up a decoction of the entire plant.
• Give 10-20 gm decoction, isolated similarly as the measurement.
• It cures all the kidney related scatters.
2. Fevers
• Give 2 gm of its root with the drain or betel leaf.
• It cures quartan fever.
• You can likewise give the decoction of its entire plant.
• It is valuable in consuming sensation and fever because of contamination in the urinary tract.
3. Skin disorders
• Cook the underlying foundations of hogweed in oi.
• After the oil gets tepid, rub the influenced skin with it.
• It cures all kind of skin issue.
4. Arthritis
• Give hogweed decoction with 1 gm powder of ginger root and camphor.
• Proceed with this treatment for 7 days.
• It cures joint inflammation.
5. Jaundice
• Give 10-20 gm juice of its entire plant with 2-4 gm based powder blended in it.
• Give this all the time.
• It is an exceptionally advantageous medication for Jaundice.
6. Insomnia
• Give 50-100 ml decoction of Punarnava.
• It acts as the dozing pills and influences you to fall into profound rest.
7. Cataract
• Pound the base of Punarnava with water.
• Make a glue sort of it and apply as the eyeliner.
• It cures waterfall with the general utilization.
8. Tuberculosis
• Take 5-10 gm foundation of hogweed with rice half of rice powder.
• Cook them in the juice of grapes, drain, and ghee.
• Make it thick, as the consistency of soup.
• Offer this to the patient twice per day, 1-1 teaspoon.
9. Asthma
• Blend 3 gm powder of Punarnava root with 500 mg turmeric.
• Give this powder, twice per day with tepid water.
• It cures Asthma.
10. Eye Health
• Granulate the hogweed root and blend with ghee.
• Utilize it as eyeliner. It treats eye influenza.
• Crush the hogweed root and blend it with nectar.
• Utilize this as eyeliner. It treats redness of the eye.
Side Effects

No clinically significant side effect report.



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