Pashanbhed (Bergenia ligulata)

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Top 5 health benefits of Pashanabheda:
1. The glue of the base of the plant Berginia ligulata is connected over restricted swelling and wounds for treatment.
2. The decoction of the foundation of Berginia ligulata is given in the dose of 40-50 ml for each day in isolated measurement to treat renal calculi, consuming micturition and maintenance of pee in the bladder.
3. The glue of the foundation of Pashanabheda is connected with nectar in little youngsters to decrease the torment of gums amid the ejection of drain teeth.
4. The glue of the foundation of Pashanbheda is given as counteractant for opium harming.
5. The glue is connected over the eyes to treat the ailment conjunctivitis.
Side Effects

There is no contraindication known to take this herb or any unfriendly impacts detailed so far subsequent to taking this herb in any frame as the drug.



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