Cumin (Cuminum cyminum ) Seeds (Jeerak)

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Cumin seeds are very well known for its digestive benefits. However, it is also reported to have many other health benefits.

1. Skin Benefits of Cumin:

Cumin has a high substance of vitamin E which keeps your skin sound and gleaming. Also, the fundamental oils, cumin have disinfectant and hostile to parasitic properties which shield your skin from contagious and microbial contaminations. Topical utilization of cumin glue on bubbles, pimples, dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin issue encourages brisk mending. A dash of ground cumin powder can likewise be added to your face pack to treat skin issues. Cumin is additionally a decent wellspring of dietary fiber which helps in the cleaning procedure and expels poisons.

2. Against Aging Benefits:

  1. Vitamin E introduce in cumin triggers the counter maturing forms inside the body, accordingly forestalling pre-develop maturing side effects. It goes about as a cell reinforcement to battle the free radicals that assault the skin and cause indications of maturing like wrinkles, age spots, and drooping skin. This blend of cell reinforcement impact and antibacterial limit of cumin furnishes you with a solid, delightful skin that keeps going far into your seniority.

3. Treatment of Hair Loss:

  1. Nigella sativa or dark cumin is known to a battle diminishing of hair, sparseness and falling hair.
  1. One can blend measure up to amounts of dark cumin oil and olive oil.
  2. After a shower, apply this on your hair or on the uncovered part of your head.
  3. This will advance hair development and additionally treat male pattern baldness.
  4. One can likewise expend dark cumin oil as cases for a couple of months.
Side Effects

No side effects observed, clinically proven


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