Bhumi amla (Bhumyamalaki) (Phyllanthus niruri)

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  1. The entire Bhumi amla plant juice is utilized for the restorative reason. The glue of its leaves is connected, remotely, in the skin sicknesses, wounds, and ulcers. In cracks, the mash of the leaves blended with salt is connected remotely, to rush the recuperating. In the ailments of the eye, the root juice, blended with sugar, is imparted into nostrils in the hiccup.
  2. Inside, it is kind of gastrointestinal afflictions like loss of craving, blockage, hyperacidity and over the top thirst. It likewise mitigates looseness of the bowels and diarrhea. The decoction of bhumi amala increases the liver capacities and is utilized as a blood purifier in hepatosplenomegaly. It quiets down the pitta. In ladies, menorrhagia and leucorrhea are successfully treated with the seeds of bhumi amala. The likewise are compensating for urinary illnesses, diabetes, diabetes and endless fever. The crisp juice of the entire plant functions admirably, when given with ghee, in menorrhagia. In diabetes, the blend of powders of bhumi amala, cardamom, cinnamon and Amalaki is gainful. The intemperate thirst because of pitta vitiation is lightened with the decoction of the herb in a drain. Bhumi amala can likewise be of assistance as a general tonic in debility. It has a mellow diuretic action, so is helpful as an assistant, in the treatment of dysuria.
    1. The impact of bhumi amala on perpetual bearers of Hepatitis – B – infection was contemplated clinically, In a preparatory report, transporters of Hepatitis – B – infection were treated with the planning of the plant Phyllanthus niruri for 30 days. 22 of 37 (59%) treated patients have lost Hepatitis B surface antigen when tried 15-20 days after the finish of the treatment contrasted and just 1 of 23 (4%) fake treatment treated controls. A few subjects have been followed up for up to 9 months. For no situation has the surface antigen returned. Clinical perception uncovers few or no lethal impacts. The empowering aftereffects of this preparatory examination prescribe proceeded with the assessment of the plant and the dynamic standards disengaged from it (The Lancet, Oct 1, 1988, PP 764-766).
Side Effects

No clinically significant side effect has been reported.



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