Simple And Quick Home Fixes For Painful Blisters

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Simple and Quick Home Fixes for Painful Blisters


Having a blister inside your mouth, isn’t the most uncomfortable situation? Most of these blisters disappear on their own within the day, but recurring blisters are not only painful but also a sign of some serious allergy or a reaction of the body to some unwanted pathogen. Similar to pimples in appearance, blisters generally occur due to toxin retention in your body or due to indigestion. Consuming extremely hot foods or drinks rather quickly can also cause blisters. Other causes may be smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.

Multiple and recurring blisters can be quite painful. Eating anything that is crispy can easily tear them up and lead to bleeding and discomfort. If not treated, they take some time and extreme dietary precaution to heal completely. However, with the help of the following simple home remedies, they can be healed much faster. Moreover, these tricks don’t cost a lot since most of these ingredients are found within your household.

Here are the easiest home remedies for curing tongue and mouth blisters effectively.

  • Ice:

    An excellent cooling agent, ice provides instant relief from the burning sensation caused by blisters. Simply rub an ice cube gently over the affected area for 15 minutes twice a day to cure the blisters quickly.

  • Baking Soda:

    Baking soda has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in curing mouth ulcers. A solution of one teaspoon in a glass of water is a great mouth rinse to heal blisters quickly.

  • Garlic:

    Make a fine paste of a few cloves of garlic and apply on the blisters with a clean piece of cotton. This will cause a slight burn, but will definitely help clean out all the germs inside your mouth and heal/prevent blisters.

  • Turmeric and Honey:

    Well known as a natural antiseptic, turmeric can also cure blisters inside the mouth. Make a thick paste of 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric in a few drops of honey. Apply with clean hands twice a day for faster recovery.

  • Salt:

    Make a solution with one tablespoon of salt and a glass of water. Use this as a mouth rinse twice a day. This is generally soothing for the pain in the blisters and heals them faster.

  • Glycerin:

    It is extremely useful in curbing the burning sensation that blisters cause. Simply apply a few drops on each blister with a clean piece of cotton. After this, allow your saliva to flow over these blisters by facing a wash basin with your head down. This provides immediate relief.

  • Aloe Vera:

    Among its vast benefits are its cooling properties that relieve the pain that tongue blisters cause. Simply squeeze out the gel from a plump leaf of the plant and apply to each blister with clean hands. Do this twice a day to speed up the healing process.

    These remedies will help you get rid of tongue blisters. But if your blisters are stubborn and do not go away in spite of using these remedies, there is a possibility that they are a result of some other underlying medical condition. Seek medical help immediately.


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