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Home Remedies for Bronchitis


Sometimes a common cold can worsen and take form of Bronchitis leaving one in immense pain. An inflammation/swelling of the bronchial tubes (tubes that carry air to your lungs) and full of mucus can be of two types:

  • Acute Bronchitis (short term)
  • Chronic bronchitis (on-going)

Common Symptoms include:

  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Body aches
  • Excessive coughing with mucus
  • Finding it difficult to breathe
  • Nasal congestion

If you have been coughing for weeks now with lungs paining, then in no time you should visit a doctor soon or try these simple yet powerful home remedies for effective results:

  • Honey:

    Known for its antibacterial properties it soothes irritated membranes. Include it in your daily regime of tea or lemon water.
  • Inhaling steam: Steam will give you great results, it doesn't need any fancy equipment. Just lean over the sink of hot boiling water with a towel over head and breathe in the vapors which will loosen mucus. You can add some essential oils (eucalyptus) to it as well. Eucalyptus is said to have antibacterial properties.
  • Use the magical anti-inflammatory and immune boosting substance, Ginger!

    Yes, you read it right. People have been using Ginger to cure a cold since ages. It is highly beneficial in relieving swollen bronchial tubes. Use it in a herbal tea or hot water with some honey and pepper.
  • Turmeric:

    It contains bioactive compounds with medicinal properties. Use it with a glass of milk on an empty stomach and see the results for yourself!
  • Water:

    Drinking plenty of water thins the mucus in your bronchial tubes thus reducing the cough. It eventually lets you breathe easily. So stay hydrated.

Apart from the above mentioned what to do list, there is what not do list as well!

Have a quick look:

  • No smoking at all
  • Avoid milk products
  • Don’t get exposed to dust or pollution
  • Maintain hygiene

Remember prevention is better than cure! Take care and stay healthy!

Do tell us in the comment section below if you have some other effective home remedies for curing Bronchitis.


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