Get Rid Of The Painful Stones With These Simple Home Remedies

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Get rid of the painful stones with these simple home remedies


Natural and effective home remedies for kidney stone-

  • Water: This is the best remedy for the kidney stone. Start drinking lots of water which will flush out the minerals salts which cause stone formation. More water will make it easier for the stones to pass. If the color of your urine is going lighter and clearer then it means you are drinking enough water.

  • Lemon juice: Lemon juice mixed with warm water is very beneficial for this disease. You can add honey to this mixture to make it healthier.

  • Coconut Water: It will give you relief from burning during urination and will also help in flushing out kidney stones.

  • Pomegranate: Seeds and juice of pomegranate stop stone formation and regular use of this will eliminate kidney stones.

  • Watermelon: It is full of water which helps to maintain the acid level in urine. It's a very effective fruit in cleansing kidneys and flushing out stones.

Modern lifestyle has contributed a lot to the prevalence of kidney stones. More and more people are getting affected due to improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle and toxic elements in water, air, and soil. Prevention is always better than cure so try to live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food and remain hydrated to stay away from this painful disease.


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