Home Remedies For Hyperthyroidism

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Home remedies for Hyperthyroidism


Goiter is a condition wherein swelling develops at the bottom of the neckline as shown:

It may also lead to the swollen upper eyelid and thus the bulging and enlarging of the eyes as shown:

Bulging eyes due to hyperthyroidism

Other common symptoms of hyperthyroidism include:

  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Trembling of hands
  • Insomnia and increased perspiration
  • Weakness in muscles in thigh and upper arm
  • Weight loss

Dealing with Hyperthyroidism at Home

Hyperthyroidism once identified requires immediate attention and care. Along with medical attention, these home treatments can prove valuable to deal with it:

  • Bugleweed Tea

    Bugleweed Tea is an herb which can effectively keep the levels of thyroid hormones under control.

    Following methods can be followed:

    • As Bugleweed Tea
      • Add dried Bugleweed Tea Bag in a cup of hot water
      • Filter the tea after cooling and consume with some honey
    • As Bugleweed Tincture
      • Take fruit juice/water in a bowl and add about 5-6 drops of Bugleweed Tincture to it
      • Mix it well and keep the solution beneath the tongue
      • Reiterate the process for about three times in a day until cured

    Note: Not advisable for women undergoing pregnancy or nursing period and people consuming many types of medicines of hyperthyroidism.

    Bugleweed Tea

  • Lemon Balm Tea

    Lemon Balm herb is quite effective in limiting the production of thyroid hormones. Following procedure can be followed:

    • Mix lemon balm with a cup of hot water
    • Once cooled, strain and drink the tea for about 2 times daily

    Lemon Balm Tea

  • Motherwort Herb Tea

    Motherwort herb is quite effective in countering the symptoms of hyperthyroidism such as increased heart rate, insomnia, and anxiety. Following procedure can be followed:

    • As Motherwort Tea
    • Mix one tablespoon Motherwort with a cup of hot water
    • Let it cool down, strain and drink the tea for about 2 times daily
    • As Motherwort Tincture
    • Consume solution of 15-20 drops of Motherwort Tincture and fresh water 2 times a day

    Motherwort Herb Tea
  • Gooseberry-Honey Paste

    Use of Gooseberry for treatment of Hyperthyroidism is an effective way to counter the increased production of thyroid hormone.

    Steps to be followed:

    • Mix Gooseberry powder and honey in a bowl to make a thick paste
    • Take this paste early morning before having breakfast

    Gooseberry and Honey

  • Hawthorn

    Hawthorn improves cardiovascular conditions and boosts the respiratory and immune system of the body. It is quite effective against hyperthyroidism and can be consumed in the form of Hawthorn Tea or Capsules.

    Steps to make Hawthorn tea:

    • Mix Hawthorn with a cup of hot water
    • After cooling, strain the tea and consume

    Hawthorn Tea

  • Food Rich in Goitrogens, Protein or Omega 3 Fatty Acids

    It is advisable for hyperthyroid patients to have cruciferous vegetables and food items rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like Broccoli, Cauliflower, Radish, Spinach, Flaxseeds, Walnuts, Eggs, and Poultry


    Thus, hyperthyroidism is a condition that demands a lot of care and caution as far as general lifestyle and diet is concerned. The few aforementioned techniques if followed properly and routinely does not just contain but can also cure hyperthyroidism completely so make the most of this herbal treatment and become a notch stronger than what hyperthyroidism demands.


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