Suffering From Painful Big Toe (Gout)? These Natural Remedies Can Help To Soothe The Gout Pain!!

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Suffering from painful big toe (Gout)? These natural remedies can help to soothe the gout pain!!


Here are some simple home remedies for gout:

  • Cherries: This juicy red colored seasonal fruit is liked by many including me. Having extraordinary nutritional benefits and a good source of fiber and Vitamin C, cherries can help you to overcome the problems relating to arthritis. Eating half a cup of cherries daily can reduce 35 percent risk of having a gout attack. It lowers uric acid because of its high antioxidant properties.

  • Ginger: Do you know Ayurveda has regarded ginger as a healing ingredient because it can cure a number of health issues. To address joint pain, include ginger root in your daily meals. If you are not a fan of ginger then probably you can make a paste of ginger root with water and apply to the affected area for about half an hour.

  • Stay Hydrated: Flush all the uric acid by drinking lots of water. Simple! 8 glasses is a must and if you can increase up to 12 then great for you and your body.

  • Bananas: Vitamin C present in this fruit helps in reducing swelling and pain in joints. And high levels of potassium converts uric acid crystals to liquid which can then pass through your urine easily. So have 2-3 bananas daily in your diet. You can also try other potassium-rich food like coconut water, apricots, avocado, etc.

  • Things to Avoid: Fried food, a diet high in sodium, alcohol, sugar, fatty red meat and food high in purines are a strict no.

In case of severe joint pain you shouldn’t hesitate to consult your doctor but if it is mild and uncomplicated then trying the above home remedies will surely help.


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