Good News For Diabetics! Manage Sweetness Of Your Blood With These Home Remedies!!

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Good news for diabetics! Manage sweetness of your blood with these home remedies!!


Here are a few easy home fixes for controlling diabetes:

  • Exercise:

    Being overweight is one of the main causes of diabetes. Shedding those extra kilos will not only help you fit in those old skinny jeans, it can also help control your sugar levels.

  • Vitamin C:

    Fruits like guava, amla, orange, etc. are rich in Vitamin C. Not only does this bring a glow to your skin, it also helps improve your blood sugar levels.


    • Jamun:

      This fruit has been proven to control blood sugar levels effectively. About 100 grams consumed daily will show great results in weeks.


    • Cinnamon:

      Half a teaspoon a day can help fight off diabetes by controlling insulin sensitivity and also helps you lose weight.


    • Aloe Vera:

      This one-size-fits-all plant has a multitude of benefits. Consuming a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel with half a teaspoon of bay leaves and turmeric daily helps to lower blood sugar effectively.


    • Bitter Gourd:

      This plant is rich in Insulin-Polypeptide-P, a compound that resembles the insulin produced inside our body. Simply preparing a vegetable dish of the gourd and consuming it at least once a week controls sugar levels efficiently.


    • Drumstick leaves:

      Considered a superfood by many, the leaves of this plant boost your energy levels and also help improve your metabolism. Simply consuming the juice of these leaves every morning on an empty stomach can control blood sugar.


  • Green Tea: Rich in polyphenols, this tea helps your body to use its insulin more efficiently. Consuming it before meals have been found to be most effective.

  • Psyllium Husk:

    Often used as a laxative, this husk helps slow down the absorption of glucose from the digestive tract by swelling up into a gel-like protective layer. It also protects you from ulcers and acidity.


  • Tulsi:

    Enriched with antioxidants and other beneficial compounds, tulsi helps in the formation of pancreatic beta cells that help increase the production of insulin in the body.


  • Neem: One of the most versatile herbs discovered by man, neem leaves improve blood circulation and increase insulin receptor sensitivity, while also lowering blood sugar levels effectively. Consuming the leaves or its juice daily on an empty stomach is ideal.

  • Flaxseeds:

    These help the digestive process and improve absorption of sugars and fats, and significantly lower blood sugar levels.


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