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Home remedies for Constipation


Constipation is a word that strikes despair in the hearts of many. However, it should be known that it is one of the most common problems an average Indian face. A recent survey revealed that about 14% of the Indian population suffers from chronic constipation.

Consumption of fast foods, alcohol, overeating, and smoking are among the many facets of our modern urban lifestyle that is to be blamed for constipation. It can even be pregnancy or age-related. Most kinds of constipation can arise from the following lifestyle changes:

  • Less fluid consumption: The stool needs to have a certain water content for smooth passage. Reducing water intake can worsen this condition. Artificial beverages don't count as their high sugar/mineral count tends to increase constipation.
  • Diet fluctuations: Sudden changes in diet (often associated with travel), or increased consumption of processed foods, alcohol, or caffeine are also the most common causes of constipation.
  • A sedentary lifestyle: this slows down your metabolism, leading to poor digestion and thus constipation.
  • The pills: Certain medicines tend to disrupt the digestive process and can cause constipation. More often than not, the doctors prescribe a stool softener along with such medicines.

Here are some remedies for relieving constipation:

  • Flush out the toxins: Lemon and honey in warm water every morning, empty stomach not only maintains weight, but it also soothes the digestive tract. Lemon helps in removing the toxins and honey has been proven to be a mild laxative. Salt can be used in place of honey, too as it encourages contraction of the bowel muscles.

  • Go fibrous: From salads to dry fruits like raisins, prunes, and figs – get enough fiber in your system for the digestive tract function efficiently. Raisins are especially helpful as they contain tartaric acid, which is a natural laxative.

  • Grease it up: Oil when taken in the right amount actually helps in smoothening bowel movements. Add some ghee or olive oil (for the weight watchers) to your diet. Having a spoonful of castor oil on an empty stomach acts as a laxative.

  • Nutty delight: Nuts and avocados too contain healthy fats. Moreover, these healthy fats are necessary for all body functions and are great lean snacks as they satisfy hunger even with fewer quantities. Sesame seeds are great laxatives too!

  • Get your heart rate up: Research shows that getting 15 minutes of cardio or even brisk walking daily helps with moving food through your intestines.

If constipation becomes a constant problem, then one should definitely speak to the doctor to identify the potential cause and find an effective treatment protocol.


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