Get Instant Relief From Headache Without Taking Pills

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Get Instant Relief from Headache without Taking Pills


Headache is a very common term and each one of us must have experienced it at least once in our lifetime. Whether one suffers from sinus headaches or tension headaches, they’re intolerable. Regular headaches are something which can't be ignored.  

What causes a Headache

Headaches are caused by many reasons which include stress, physiological changes in head, oversleeping or lack of sleep, migraine, excessive smoking, and constriction of blood vessels and excessive use of painkillers. 

Natural Treatment is the best treatment

People want instant relief and that's why generally they prefer painkillers like aspirin for headache treatment but overuse of these medicines may result in serious health problems. We recommend using these safe and natural home remedies which will vanish your regular headache forever -

    • Ginger is the saviour- Ginger can be said as an all-rounder because it can treat many diseases. Make a cup of tea using ginger or mix equal parts of ginger and lemon juice and consume it once or twice a day. Additionally, you can also apply the ginger paste on your forehead.




    • Go cool with the Ice pack - Cold ice reduces inflammation which causes a headache. Applying an ice pack to the back of the neck can give you relief from a migraine.



    • Sooth yourself with Peppermint oil - Menthol is present in peppermint which opens up clogged blood vessels to give you instant relief. Mix peppermint oil with olive oil or water and massage on your forehead. Alternatively, you can put crushed peppermint leaves on your forehead.




    • Cloves magic- Cloves have pain relieving properties. Crush few cloves and put them in a pot or small piece of cloth and inhale smell. It will give you some relief from pain.




    • Try Acupressure- Acupressure is the process of relieving pain by applying pressure with fingers and hands to specific points on the body. Apply pressure between the area of thumb and index figure at the highest spot of muscle when both thumb and finger are brought close. Do this process for 2 to 3 minutes. Do not try this during pregnancy.




  • Smile: Headache is generally a result of stress and tension. And if it is a minor headache, simply smiling and laughing can cure it. The 'feel-good' hormones will release the chemicals in your brain that will help in curing headache.


In this busy lifestyle, headache is a common problem. Curing it with natural remedies is safer than taking risk of side effects caused by painkillers. In case you are suffering from a chronic and severe headache, please consult your physician.


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