Alternate therapy for Acne

Alternate therapy for Acne

Homeopathy offers safe, reliable and natural remedies for handling acne related problems. Get a glimpse of some homeopathic medicines below:

  • Psorinum: Considered to be one of the best rated Homeopathic medicines for acne; it is said to cure acne of all types – papular (small pink colored lesions), pustular (filled with pus), cystic acne (pus formed under the skin), nodular (hard and large), comedones (clogged hair follicles), blackheads (open comedones with opening on skin surface) and whiteheads (closed comedones with opening beneath the skin). If your sebaceous glands are secreting excess sebum leaving your skin greasy, then this top grade medicine is just the right solution to your problem. In case of itchy acne which might worsen during the winter, Psorinum is the medicine for you! 

  • Hepar Sulph and Calcarea Sulphurica (for pustular acne): Acne in youth is best treated with Hepar Sulph. The other one named Calcarea Sulphurica is helpful where pustular acne releases yellow colored pus. 

  • Kali Bromatum (meant for acne on face, chest, and shoulders): If your pimples have turned bluish-red pimples or leaving ugly scars, then taking this particular homeopathic medicine is effective.

  • Antimonium Crudum and Natrum Mur (for acne on cheeks): Both the medicines are suitable for acne on cheeks. While the first one aids fast recovery on pustular acne; the latter will show best results in itchy acne on oily cheeks. 

  • Berberis Aquifolium: Useful if the acne is persistent and skin is rough.

  • Pulsatilla Nigricans (for women facing menstrual irregularities of any kind): If puberty has caused you acne, then try this excellent medicine. It is also prescribed when acne has worsened with the consumption of fatty acids.

  • Silicea (for acne on forehead): Works fast on pustular and cystic acne.

  • Berberis Aquifolium (to erase acne scars): This medicine clears off acne scars wonderfully well.

  • Sulphur (for itchy acne): Normally advised for people with dirty, itchy acne and unhealthy looking skin. Scratching will only worsen the itching, so do not do it. Sulphur, in this case, is a good option to use. 

    Though medicines are there to cure acne but changing one’s lifestyle can also help a lot in treating acne. Have a look:

    • Drink sufficient water as it keeps your skin and body hydrated eliminating the problems of constipation and reducing toxins in our body.
    • Reduce stress level and take sound sleep
    • Stop consuming JUNK!
    • Never touch or scratch the affected area as it might leave an ugly scar on your face.
    • Clean your face with mild face wash. 

      I hope if you’re facing with any kind of acne, you can look into the directory of homeopathic medicines above and try them. They are safe with no side effects. Go get yourself a clear skin now!


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